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About Minnie:

Minnie was born in April 1833 in Russia. Her given name was probably Malka and she has also been referred to as Minkie or Minkle. She was married to Joseph Lonkin (or Lonken or Lonke). We have surmised that this was the original family surname based on the Russian spelling of the name on Solomon's passport.

Joseph died before 1888 and Minnie came to New York from Grodno, Russia around 1890. She lived with her daughter, Helen"Landau" Kalisky, at 246 E 4th St. She is recorded as "Minnie Landau" living at that address in the 1900 census. We do not know the exact date of her death.

Joseph and Minnie's other children were Solomon, who came to New York and used the last name "Landowne", and Harris, who emigrated to England where he used the last name "London". His name became "Lando" when he later emigrated to South Africa. The name Londan appears in the 1897 Russian Census for the Grodno Gubernia. There is no other information on that web page about him/her. Minnie apparently had 4 other children but we only know that they died before 1900.

The photo was owned by Fay Landowne in Brooklyn, and another copy is owned by Matthew Karp in Pretoria, S. Africa. Matthew's copy reads, "Grandpa's mother, Malka", on the back.

About Solomon:

Solomon, son of Joseph and Minnie, was born in Grodno, Russia in 1857. The Russian name on his passport is "Schlomo Lonkin". In 1882 he married Anna Rachla Sulkas who was also born in 1857. On June 13, 1891 they arrived in New York City on the passenger ship Ruggia. Four children came with them: Beila, Julius, Joseph and Morris. (We don't know what happened to Beila, we have found no record of her after the passenger list and Solomon's passport.) Solomon and Anna had 2 more children after they came to New York, Jennie and Fannie(Fay). On the 1900 census the family's last name is listed as "Landowne".

Solomon became a naturalized US citizen on Feb. 3rd, 1908. During the 1920s he moved to Jerusalem, Palestine. Anna and the children, who by then were adults, stayed in the US. Solomon was a benefactor of Kolel America and is memorialized by a plaque on their building in Tifereth, Jerusalem. He died on Feb 1st, 1933, and is buried on the Mount of Olives. His gravestone describes him as "the Donor from New York".

Anna died on June 19, 1931 and is buried in the Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY.

There are currently 68 living descendants of Solomon and Anna. As far as we can determine, no one else in the United States spells their last name Landowne.

Ellen R Landowne, 13 Apr 2000

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